Sunday, June 8, 2008

From Day to Day


Birchall Family said...

Dave and Shelby,
HI, this is Dave's old friend, Summer (mabry). I don't know if you remember me, but I ran across your blog and wanted to tell you that we will be praying for your little guy. I know what you are going through. My husband and I had the same experiance with our first little boy. I was put on bed rest at 9 weeks due to many problems and there I stayed until my water broke at 22 weeks. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and gave birth to Mikey on May 23, 2003
He was 1 pound 3 ounces at 25 weeks. He was such a little fighter. We where in the hospital for 3 months and now Mikey just turned 5 and is so strong and healthy. He is problem free and is our miracle. Stay strong and faithful and anything is possible! You will all be in our prayers!

bstoutfamily said...

Oh my gosh you all! I just now looked at your blog...We want you to know that we are thinking of you and will be praying for you! Shelby, you are so strong and I know that little boy will be a fighter! I wish we were there to help out in any way! We love you all and your sweet family and will be praying for little Boston! --Jen

Andrea Skousen said...

I just barely found out on Sunday what you've been going through and I want you to know that you are in our prayers multiple times a day. I've been thinking about you both so much and can't imagine how hard it has been. Lis said you have kept such a good perspective on everything. Boston must be such a strong little spirit to keep holding on everyday. We'll continue to pray for you and have a family fast. Let me know if there is ANYTHING we can do to help! We love you guys!!!

Brandon & Laura Harding Family said...

Hi Shelby and Dave,
Just want you to know that you and little Boston are always in our prayers, always everyday. I will give you a call because I want to come visit get an update and see how you are all doing. I tried to get on the calendar thing but couldn't. Any suggestions? I'd like to sign up to bring dinner or help in some way! Please email me anyone ( with how I can access the calendar. Thanks! Love you and your darling family! -Laura

Kristin said...

David and Shelby

I am an old high school friend of David and wanted to leave a comment for you.

You are both in my thoughts and prayers at this time. There are miracles that truly happen and know everything will go well for the both of you. I would like to purchase a band so please let me know how I go about doing that.

Three Girls and a Boy said...

Shelby & Dave,
Steph has kept me updated on your little Boston. Just wanted to add my support to the rest of your many many friends and let you know that we've been praying for you too! Thanks for your example of strength and faith through such a trying experience. HUGS! Kacy Moller

Kara said...

Dave & Shelby, I know you guys are going through a lot but I am so grateful you've taken the time to share your story with all of us. Your family will certainly be in our thoughts and prayers. I am sure that you'll never know how many lives you will touch by letting us all be witness to your strength and humility. We are rooting for little baby Boston. Love, Tyson and Kara Smith

Matt & Jamie said...

You guys are so awesome and staying so positive. We love you guys and are praying for you!

Andrea Skousen said...

I am dying for an update on little Boston! I hope everything is ok. We pray for you daily!!! Love you..Skousens

Cari Williams said...

Hey Dave, I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but you are someone I looked up to in high school. I will make sure we pray for little Boston as a family. We have 4 of our own, and there is nothing more precious. We are so fortunate to have the preisthood to bless and protect our families. If you are ever in AZ, we will have to get together. Take care.

Cory Williams


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There is a place I call my own
Where i an stand by the sea
And look beyond the things I've known
And dream that I might be free.

Like the bird above the trees
Gliding gently on the breeze
I wish that all my life I'd be without a care
And flying free.

But life is not a distant sky
Without a cloud without rain
And I can never hope that I
Can travel on without pain.

Time goes swiftly on its way
All too soon we've lost today
And I can not wait for skies of blue
Or dream so long that life is through.

So life is a song that I must sing
A gift of love I must share
And when I see the joy it brings my spirits soar
Through the air.

Like that bird up in the sky
Life has taught me how to fly
For now I know what I can be and now my
Heart is flying free.